I’m glad that I have the opportunity to share with you the latest, third version of the game – Earn To Die 3. Here you can find awesome new vehicles, they have better engines, they move faster and also you can mount on the new powerful weapons.

Unlike the previous two versions of the game here you can find tons of new gadgets in a garage, these new upgrades add to your car amazing opportunities and they can go through zombie horde as if they are not even there. New engines and wheels make overcoming of obstacles extremely easy and they also allow your car to jump high and fly over long distances (if you will use a rocket engine of course).

The storyline continues from previous parts of the game, you are moving towards shelter in order to survive a zombie apocalypse and there is a decent distance that you have to overcome in order to reach it. To be honest, the story of this game looks like an awesome movie scenario, it is interesting and it gives us a thrill.

If you prefer to play games on your phone you can easily do so because there is a mobile version of the game as well and it is very comfortable and easy to control. The Mobile version is pretty much the same as the PC version, every feature and every mode is included.

Earn To Die 2 is not just another zombie killing game, here your main focus is not to kill as much undead as it is possible (however you can do it as well), but to survive. In order to do so, you have a vehicle and you have a garage where you can upgrade your car and add to it different gadgets, different weapons, and things like that.

There are a lot of opportunities and a lot of features that can turn your vehicle into a zombie-killing the monster. For example, you can add to your car chainsaw and drive through a zombie horde like a knife through butter, you can mount on your car machine gun and it will clear your path from a long-distance making your escape easy as one, two, three.

Once you will reach the upgrade limit on your car you can always buy a better car, usually, they cost a lot of money, but you can earn it by covering long distances on the map.

Your main objective is to reach the finish line alive, at all costs. What I enjoy the most is that game has different parts and all of them are connected with the storyline.

By the way, you can play this game on your phone it is free and is supported by both Android and IOS.

Different cars
You have the opportunity to buy different vehicles in the game, as soon as you will reach the upgrade maximum in your current vehicle buy a new one, it will have better stats.

Mobile friendly
In order to enjoy this game at its best, I highly recommend you to install it on your phone and play it there. All platforms are supported and it’s completely free.

There are tons of different upgrades for your car in this game, you can change your engine, you can change your wheels, your gearbox, etc. so many opportunities…